I like to write! I like to write songs and thoughts down to come back to another day. With that mentioned, I never said I was good at it. I don't have a wide vocabulary or perfect phrases to state a simple idea in. I also don't get paid or sent really cool things to post about, so I don't consider myself a "blogger." So if you only like reading blogger things, don't feel bad about not reading my posts. (shoulders scrunched and hands making an "oh well" gesture) I honestly think that making this website was/is the most confusing thing on the planet (aside from understanding why taxes work the way they do) so if anyone wants to help a sister out, I'm willing to give you my password.
The whole reason behind having a blog section in my website is because I want my clients to see what kind of person I am and maybe feel comfortable to work with me.....because I'm not cool enough for you to feel intimidated.
I try my best to make everyone feel as good looking as possible without having to hit on them. :) If you're not comfortable in your photos, it shows and I can't photoshop that out! If you're a special case, (21yrsoldandup and you're ok with alcohol) I may bring a bit o' bubbly to loosen up the nerves a bit. I notice when I do that, the client starts to really dig the way they look. I was totally going to type "the client starts to feel themselves" but people who don't listen to Beyonce might be afraid I'm part of some online group who cuts the client's heads out of photos and pastes them on naked bodies. For the record, I've never done that, and I love Jesus.
Well, that's a tiny snippet into my head this morning as I drink my coffee and hate this weather. I'm not going to promise to write every week or so because I find that when I say I'll do something for the world to see, it never happens. ("oh well" emoji again) Just in case you're wondering what kind of photos I shoot because there are only 3 albums on here because I can't figure a damn thing on this "making a website" task, I shoot everything and I'm currently experimenting with everything else. :) Everything else, meaning video. Shoot me an email if you're interested in working with me; whether it be shooting you, FOR you, or a collaboration!

Thank you!

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