I didn't think I would ever post this, but SO much talent went into it and It's something that I'm very proud of. (and a couple of friends wanted me to have some of my songs on here, so why not?) 

I wrote this song with Wes Harllee (Adam's best friend) and had him give this to Adam on our wedding day. I wanted him to watch it alone and with earphones because I knew whatever reaction he'd have would be genuine and uninterrupted. It's corny, but we're corny. Also, I was stressed out of my mind, so my skin wasn't in the best shape.....but I'm sure you don't care and that's just me being insecure.
When he asked me to marry him, he really asked "is that cool?" after listing out all of these things he wants to experience with me. To that, my answer was "THAT'S SO COOL". 

THANK YOU: Wes Harllee for helping me beautifully place my feelings into a song and playing acoustic (and bass and organ and producing!!), Jesse Isely for playing your magical lead guitar skills, Danny Young for laying down drums when I know how crazy busy your life is, and Eugene and Heather Brown for making trip to my house in secret to record and put together this video! 
The footage of Adam was recorded by Moi. :)

Thank you!
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